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If you are looking for the best composite decking company, Royal Innovation is the company for you. With hundreds of composite decking projects completed, we work according to your needs and unique ideas to construct high quality decking.

Composite decking is advantageous in many key ways. Composite decking is very durable therefore it is resistant to fading, scratching or staining of any kind which is preferable in our Canadian climate. It is also insect-proof, will not crack or warp and will not rot making it an ideal choice for safety reasons, particularly for families with children and pets.

Another desirable feature of composite decking is that it is low maintenance. This means that you do not have to do any sanding or staining to maintain the original state. The majority of composite materials are backed with a 25-30 year warranty to this effect, leaving the customer worry-free.

Aesthetically, composite mirrors real wood in is look and feel. Various colors and grains are available to choose from so the customer can showcase their unique style from deep earthy tones to more of an exotic look. Composite decking is designed to use hidden fasteners therefore no nails or screws are visible on the surface of the deck. Composite decking brings sophistication to your residence or commercial space.

Composite decks are made from recycled wood particles mixed with high density polyethylene to make an eco-friendly, sustainable product. Composite therefore has minimal impact on the environment while providing the look and feel of real wood.

With composite decking, you get excellent value for your money which is important to every customer. In the long term, customer’s will pay less and spend less time on their composite decking versus any other type of decking which is very appealing. In addition, there are different types of composite for every budget and the team at Royal Innovation Ltd is happy to guide you through the options to make composite decking your reality.

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