How to Choose the Ideal Floor

Choosing a new floor is really challenging. We are all under the (wrong) impression that new floors are selected based on our personal taste. At the end of the day, we choose the right one in terms of durability, resistance and longevity. After all, we don’t change our floors every day. And nobody wants to deal with problems.

So making the right floor choice has to do with the use of each room, whether you have pets and children, if you want low-maintenance solutions and costs.

Don’t get disappointed! The good news is that there are tens of options on the market. From vinyl and laminate to hardwood, concrete, and tiles, there are floors made in different sizes, patterns, styles, designs and colors to meet all tastes and still remain practical solutions. So if you are planning home remodeling or simply new floor installation, take a look of our tips to make the best out of your investment.

The golden rules when it comes to new floor installation

As far as costs go, there are some expensive options but also great offers. The plethora of choices makes their prices a bit more competitive and that’s good news for our pockets. But when it comes to new floors, you must remember that you don’t change them often and want them to be resistant. So invest in them. And then take some time to ask yourself the following questions:

Do you need a new kitchen, basement and bathroom floor?

It’s not hard to choose a bathroom, basement or kitchen floor. You just have to pick water-resistant floors, which are ideal for moisture environments or basements which are often flooded. Although you would love the idea of having the same carpet floor in the bathroom as in your bedroom (let’s admit it: the same floor enlarges the space and creates unity), you will regret it later. Leaks can create irreparable damage and mold contamination, but even everyday moisture can make the bathroom unhealthy since carpets are absorbent. For such moisture areas, invest in tile, concrete or vinyl floor installation to have peace of mind.

Do you want to change the floor at the kid’s room?

It’s their job to be naughty and you wouldn’t want them in any other way, but kids must also live, breathe and sleep in a healthy environment. So although carpets are great since they offer thermal and sound insulation, they need regular cleaning. Hardwood floor installation is not a great option because these types of floors get easily scratched. You can install laminate which is cheaper than hardwood and use area rugs.

Are there pets in the house?

Cat nails and dog urine are the carpet’s enemies. But tiles are too cold for the living area floors of the house. You can choose a wood option with some irregularities which can actually hide a couple of pet scratches.

Can’t stand stains?

Floor stains are unavoidable, especially if you have kids. The truth is that all floors are easily cleaned apart from carpets. Due to their absorbent fibers, most types of carpets are stained and are not always effectively cleaned. So if you hate to see stains on the floor, get laminate, hardwood or even better concrete.

Want to hardly bother with floor maintenance?

Low maintenance floor options include vinyl, concrete and tile floors. For the latter, make sure grout is properly sealed. The benefit of vinyl over tiles is that vinyl is softer under the feet and if it’s thicker, it is more durable. If you like industrial homes, you can also invest in concrete which is one of the best choices due to its resistance and durability.

Investing in practical floors will make your life easy. With so many choices on the market, you can keep functional and low-maintenance floors and still admire their elegance. But in order to make the right choice and ensure proper installation, you must work with specialized floor contractors. If new floors are not fitted properly, problems as simple as temperature fluctuations will damage them.