How to Turn the Garage into a Living Space

Garages can be transformed into ideal living spaces, especially if they are attached to the house. Whether they are big enough to allow you to keep some storage space for the garden tools and still build a guest room or their limited dimension just enables you to create a small workshop, garage transformation is an exciting project. But garage remodeling requires excellent planning down to the last detail. Things you want to avoid is get in trouble with the local authorities, deal with floods or have a problem with the indoor temperatures.

So whatever you decide to do with your garage, remember that meticulous garage renovation plans are vital. Planning well is even more significant if you want to add a kitchenette or a bathroom. Adding extra plumbing lines is a difficult job. And that’s why such projects should be trusted to home remodeling contractors. But with the right planning and proper garage redesign, you make more room in the house, add value and change the looks of the property completely. This might be an expensive project if you want to do it right, but think of how much you would spend for moving to a new house or renting an office!

In order to renovate the garage properly, you must take the right steps which include:

Get a permit from local authorities

You will most likely need a permit from the local authorities in order to convert the garage. This is the very first step to take to avoid trouble later. You should check the local building codes in order to adhere to the guidelines.

Take care of the garage door opening

Where there is a garage, there is a garage door. You can always keep it, especially if you like to give an industrial look to the space. Wood carriage or overhead glass garage doors can give character to the new living space in the house. Alternatively, you can install folding glass doors. If you lack the space, prefer sliding glass doors. But choosing glass doors is a must in order to let natural light in. You can also check with the building codes if you can install new windows.

Insulate the garage

If the garage is not insulated, make sure ceilings, floors and walls are all insulated. If you add new windows and doors, you must be certain they are air-tight to avoid energy loss. And don’t forget to extend the heating and cooling system of the house. If you can’t do that, you can settle with mini split systems. If the place is well-insulated, you will keep control of the temperatures.

Install new wiring and plumbing

Any changes in the electrical equipment will depend on the use of the new room. You don’t want to add extra strain to the existing wiring of the house. New plumbing will be needed if you care to install a kitchen or bathroom. These are hard projects and demand thorough planning for the avoidance of future problems.

Fix the ceiling

You must make sure the roof above the existing garage is in good condition to avoid leaks tomorrow. So roofing inspection is a way to start this part of the project. What you do with the ceiling also depends if there is a room above the garage. If not, you could convert the existing ceiling into a vaulted ceiling to open up the space.

Choose the right flooring

One of the most important things is to level the floor, which is usually sloped. It’s even better if you raise it above street level to keep rainwater out of the property. Other than that, you can just install any type of floor you like. If you bring the partition wall down to unite the garage with the rest of the house, choose the same floor material to create a sense of unity. But whether you go for vinyl or hardwood floor installation, make sure it is done correctly. You don’t want any trouble with temperature fluctuations.

Whether your existing garage is going to be the new home office, TV room or guest room, make sure it is done right by making thorough garage renovation plans from the start. Such projects really change your life but must be done right.