Tips to Find a Reliable Deck Builder

How to find a reliable custom deck builder?

Finding a reliable deck builder makes for tricky business. What is even more difficult is locating a deck contractor that will provide top-notch quality. The traditional method of looking in the phone book just does not suffice anymore. The homeowner is not able to view any portfolios of work which the decking company has produced in the phone book. So all you need to do is to get hold of a custom deck builder.

The most an individual can expect from the phone book is a phone number and possibly an address. Driving from office to office to view any showrooms is not a very economical means of searching and will most likely just waste the valuable time of the homeowner. With the cost of gas and transportation constantly on the rise, it is best to “let your fingers do the surfing”.

Tips to Find a Reliable Deck Builder


Online searches for a competent deck builder will yield an almost unlimited number of results. The trick is to refine and narrow the wording of the search to give pertinent results which provide solid leads. It is recommended if the homeowner is looking for a deck builder in a smaller town such as New Market, ON, “custom deck builders newmarket area” may only provide somewhat limited results.

The homeowner should explore all the options, however. Broadening the search terms to the nearest major city, “custom deck builder toronto ontario” or “deck contractor Toronto, ON may give a larger selection. The individual needs to keep in mind, though, quite often the first few results may be sponsored links. Sponsored links will not always give the homeowner results based upon the success or a high-quality product. It simply means that those companies have paid money for their advertisement to appear at the top.


Decking company websites will probably have a minimal amount of completed projects to view not because of being new or inexperienced, but due to the reality that the more images or the larger the image files are, the more time it will take to download or view them. The individual should not be hasty with regards to the most expensive investment; the home.

Have a look on reviews of custom deck builders

Paying attention to any testimonials and references can go a long way in contracting an outstanding quality professional. The Better Business Bureau is also a good resource to contact regarding the professionalism of a company for composite decking. When “interviewing” a potential builder or contractor, be sure to ask a lot of questions. True professionals recognize that spending good money on home improvements can give the customer cause to hesitate, similar to buyer’s remorse. If the contractor is not more than forthcoming, it may be time to continue the search